February 1 is Roy Tennant Day in Sonoma

Roy Tennant receives the Celebrate Sonoma Award in recognition of his uncommon dedication and hard work on the Sonoma Overlook Trail.

Roy Tennant is a stalwart member of the Sonoma Overlook Trail Stewards. For over 10 years, Roy has spent literally thousands of hours in his goal to remove invasive species not only on the Overlook Trail and surrounds but also on the Montini Preserve.  He is dedicated, he is persistent and he is absolutely relentless in his efforts. 

Invasive species threaten our ecosystem. They take hold and grow quickly, crowding out native plants that are the source of food and shelter for birds, mammals, insects, and reptiles. Roy intelligently, methodically and organically pursues Italian Thistle, Yellow Star Thistle and Broom not only within 6 feet of the trail but also in meadow areas where these species threaten to take hold. 

Trail walkers and runners are very familiar with Roy, as they see him at work practically every day between January and August removing poison oak that encroaches the trail or attacking his targets and hauling off his thistle and broom winnings.

Roy serves in many capacities as an active Overlook Trail Steward volunteer including trail repair, downed tree removal, answering questions from walkers, and participation on the map and signs committee.  Yet, his passion is the removal of invasive species. Through the website he manages, “overlookmontini.org”, Roy also educates the public about the problems of invasive species and encourages active participation from the public. His work is truly exceptional.

A “Celebrate Sonoma” Certificate of Recognition in honor of Roy Tennant, an outstanding City Volunteer and Overlook Steward extraordinaire will be presented at the City Council meeting February 1 by Vice Mayor Harvey.

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