Sonoma Overlook Trail and Montini Open Space Preserve website is a volunteer-based effort to provide information about the trails, projects and programs, and resources such as maps, brochures and documents associated with the land acquisition and development of public hiking trails.

Sonoma Overlook Trail

Sonoma Overlook Trail offers pleasant trails with views of Sonoma Valley. The main trail, including the Upper Loop, is about 2.4 miles round trip, with an elevation gain of ±400 ft.  A diverse array of native plants and animals grace the gentle grade trail, and spectacular views of the town of Sonoma, Sonoma Valley and the Bay Area can be found in the meadow at its top. The trail is open to the public during daylight hours.

Sonoma Overlook Trail’s main trailhead is at the entrance to the Mountain Cemetery, off First Street West just four blocks north of Sonoma Plaza. The upper trailhead takes off from Toyon Road within the Mountain Cemetery. Dogs, bikes, horses and smoking are not permitted on the trail.

Sonoma Overlook Trail Stewards, an all-volunteer group, maintains the trail and provides information focusing on the trail’s flora, fauna and history. Overlook Trail Stewards partner with Sonoma Ecology Center and the City of Sonoma. The stewards also raise money to maintain the trail and support services, as we receive no tax money to support trail maintenance, the building of benches, etc.

Montini Open Space Preserve

Montini Open Space Preserve is covered with oak woodland, large rock outcroppings–including a historical rock quarry–and open grassland. The trails offer beautiful views of Sonoma Valley, San Francisco and San Pablo Bay. Protecting the Montini property has helped to maintain the historic character of this ranch that has existed since the time of General Vallejo.

The Preserve trailheads can be found at 1st St West and 4th St West. The trail system boasts two overlooks, including one that is ADA-accessible. A wide area for viewing the Sonoma Valley and turning around demarcates where the ADA-accessible section of the trail ends. From 4th St West, the trail ascends up a gently sloped path that is designed for wheelchair access before heading upward through an oak woodland to an overlook of Sonoma and southern Sonoma Valley.

Valley of the Moon Trail, another trail on the Preserve, offers hikers amazing views of the Sonoma, Sonoma Mountain, the Sonoma Baylands and other landmarks. Hikers can alternatively head east and connect with Sonoma Overlook Trail by crossing Norrbom Road for a total hike of up to four miles.

Montini Open Space Preserve is managed by Sonoma Ecology Center, which has been funded by the City of Sonoma for a set period to perform this task. Sonoma Ecology Center is aided by trail volunteers who monitor conditions, answer hikers’ questions, remove invasive species, and report on violations of regulations (e.g., dogs, bikes).

Dogs, bicycles, horses and smoking are not allowed on the Preserve. For more information about the Preserve’s dog policy, see below.

Montini Open Space Preserve Dog Policy – FAQs

Montini OSP Mgt Plan Amendment – District Response Letter

Montini Preserve Management Plan and Initial Study

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