The Movies and Hiking

While hiking the Overlook trail, I’ve been thinking about movies that I enjoyed that had hiking as the central plot.

IMG_3111Wild is a story of an inexperienced hiker who decides to hike solo the 1,100 mile Pacific Crest Trail. She wanted to drive out her demons after the death of her mother and her own addiction. With sheer determination –and some help from REI replacing hiking boots—she made the entire distance and experienced what many hikers know—get out in nature and your problems diminish. I may not be driving out demons but every time I go on a hike I feel better afterwards. Being out in the great outdoors lifts my spirits.

A Walk in the Woods is a tale of two older friends who challenge themselves to hike the legendary Appalachian Trail. They aren’t really tackling any weighty issues—the movie is really the story of two grumpy old men dealing with mishaps, sharing confidences (some of them pretty racy!) and building a bond between them while hiking. I find that walking with a friend is comforting and fun and this movie reminded me of how hiking with another person can create a strong bond with your hiking buddy.

There are many movies that have hiking as part of the plot, I’m much more aware of them since I’ve become a hiker. I’m even reflecting on hiking that may not be central to the plot –think Julie Andrews hiking with the seven Von Trap family members out of Austria to safety at the end of the movie Sound of Music, a multiple Academy Award winner.
What movies have you watched lately that made you think, “Forget sitting here watching a movie, I’m going outdoors to hike!”

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