Earth Day Work Crew on the SOT


Volunteers (we love you!) Rich, Roy, Priscilla and Joanna (not shown)






Thanks to Joanna, Pricilla and Roy for helping out in doing tree maintenance at the entry of the Overlook Trail. In all, we released most of the Coast Live Oaks from their constrictive and ugly tree cages and pulled weeds around these. We weeded out the “Wire Grass ‘ and mulched the two larger trees with natural leaf mulch which we gathered. Among the four of us I totaled out 16 hours of good hard Earth Day Volunteer Time! We did not get to the broom pulling, and covering up the renegade trail near the first creek crossing. I may try to do this myself soon but call me if you wish to join in. Upcoming will be Yellow-Star Thistle around late May until September- Roy and I were finding YST blooming for quite a while…. I may try to get a group together to pick up the litter on Norrbom Rd for Coastal Cleanup in September. Thanks again to Roy for his Poison Oak Removal!!

– Rich Gibson

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