Meet Rigby, the Official Montini Preserve Greeter

Anyone who enters the Montini Preserve from the 4th Street West trailhead knows Rigby the cat. Rigby has essentially “camped out” not far from where the trail starts for years. Hikers often stop and give Rigby some love before hiking up the Holstein Hill trail.

I mean, who wouldn’t? Just look at that face. Rigby is the official trail greeter, and he would have a volunteer name tag if we knew where to…um…pin it.

On Rigby’s part, he accepts the adulation with the equanimity of many cats who believe such worship is simply their due. And, well, it is.

But don’t think for a minute that Rigby is a lost cat. As his owner, Delisa Dodge says, “years ago we moved here and he loved to go down there every day because he loved the attention. He is well fed, vaccinated, treated for fleas and ticks and he is one happy cat.”

She even says that since so many people think Rigby is a lost cat, they scoop him up and take him to Pets Lifeline, but he is chipped and he is a “frequent flyer,” so they know to return him to Delisa. But, Delisa says, “everytime we come home he’s here for about 10 minutes and runs back to the trail.” Clearly he loves to hang out and soak up all the hiker love and treats.

I mean, who wouldn’t? Maybe I should look into that gig. Would you stop and pet and feed treats to a 64-year-old man? Yeah, I thought not. I guess I need to keep my day job after all.

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