The Overlook Trail Is Now Open!

I am very happy to report that Cal Fire came with 30 people to work on the trail and have made it usable again. So the trail is open!

Please join us in thanking Cal Fire for all they have done to not only save much of our community but also to mitigate some of the damage that was necessary to fight the fire. A truly heroic effort.

We also want to thank the Public Works team of the City of Sonoma who prioritized fixing the trail: Chris Pegg, Trent Hudson, and Colleen Ferguson.

Meanwhile, our hearts, minds, and money should also go out to our fellow local citizens who have lost, at least in some cases, everything. Others have lost jobs, paychecks, or other things and require our support.

There are many, many ways to support those who have been damaged by these fires. As you once again hike or run the Overlook, we encourage you to keep them close to your heart.


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