Meditation Hiking


Twenty hikers met on Sunday to welcome in Daylight Savings time and to do a meditation hike. Jeff Falconer led the group in a silent hike to the top of the Overlook Trail where the mindful walkers enjoyed the sweeping view with a deep calm. If you’d like more information about enhancing your hikes with the discipline of meditation Jeff’s newly published booklet on Walking Meditation is available for purchase at Readers Books.

Next time you hike, try combining awareness of your breath, your body in motion, and the natural surroundings for an enhanced experience!


Hiking for your good health

A simple walk in nature shows measurable health benefits, physicians say – so much so that a new nationwide initiative called “ParkRx for Health” has doctors literally writing prescriptions for walks in the great outdoors.

ParkRx is a collaborative program between health-care providers and park professionals designed to improve the well-being of Sonoma County’s residents through regular exercise, fresh air and closeness with nature. Through the program, local health care professionals “prescribe” low-impact outdoor activities, such as nature walks.

Participating health care providers include Sonoma Valley Hospital plus Kaiser Permanente, Sutter Health and St. Joseph Health (Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital).

The Sonoma Overlook Trail is one of the featured hiking trails in the ParkRx program. We love hiking the Overlook Trail for our good health. . .hike to the top and celebrate your good health. . . .like this hiker!

For more information about the ParkRx program, go to