Love on the Overlook

As Valentine’s Day approaches, you can just feel all the love in the air, but did you know that at least one person has proposed to their sweetheart at the top of the Overlook Trail?

One of the founders of the Sonoma Overlook Trail, and incoming Sonoma Alcadessa Karen Collins, was hiking on the trail not long ago and came across a couple sitting on the bench at the top. As told in her own words, “I’m walking up the trail and this very cute couple are sitting on the bench at the top. She is teary. I asked if she was ok. She said they just got engaged!” She is from Egypt and he is from a community near Sacramento.

We knew that the Overlook Trail was a special place, but it’s nice to know that others think it’s special too — so special, in fact, that they chose to propose to their loved one there. Although another way of looking at it is that you may want to be careful who you choose to hike with, as who knows what might happen at this magical place.

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